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Heather creates her own content including writing, shooting, conducting interviews, and editing.

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Heather isn't your average TV host. She's also a radio host, expert panelist, and podcaster.

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Heather has written articles for Entertainment Weekly, HuffPost, and Yahoo Entertainment.

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Heather Gardner's bold stance on the news has made her an outspoken voice to be reckoned with in today’s entertainment/news landscape. She’s the face of the political satire TikTok account, @heathergtv, amassing 100M+ views and more than half a million followers. Her videos poking fun at the pre-inauguration political climate reached viral numbers and even paved the way to publishing her first children’s book, The Mean Orange Man. 


Heather’s content has also caught the attention of The White House, leading to one of her most defining achievements to date. As a political creator partner, Heather receives exclusive access to White House events, face-time with house committee members, and collaboration opportunities with the Biden Administration.

Heather was also the host for Last Night's Late Night by Entertainment Weekly on Quibi. In addition to hosting the show, Heather served as EW's late-night expert with a weekly column and moderated a panel featuring the correspondents from “The Daily Show.”

Previously Heather was the host and producer of “ICYMI By HuffPost,” a series that she also co-created. “ICYMI” lived in the gray area where politics and news met pop culture and celebrity. She often represented HuffPost on other outlets, such as Yahoo Finance and Build Brunch to share her expertise on Hollywood's social issues.

Heather is also an accomplished stand-up comedian with credits including The Comedy Store, The Hollywood Improv, Flappers, the Ice house and more.

Heather received a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the esteemed College of Journalism at the University of Florida.

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