isn't your average host in Hollywood. With a background in hard news and a passion for entertainment, Heather uses all aspects of her journalism background to tell stories from every angle. She's got an outspoken personality, a conversational style of writing, an eye for production that makes Heather the biggest bang for the buck in the entertainment industry! 

Heather was most recently the host and producer of ICYMI By HuffPost, a series that she also co-created. ICYMI lived in the gray area where politics and news met pop culture and celebrity. Mixing entertainment news with politics, Heather and the ICYMI panelists gave social commentary on the two colliding worlds. Heather often represented HuffPost on other outlets, such as Yahoo Finance and Build Brunch to share her expertise on Hollywood's social issues including representation, feminism, diversity, and more. 


Before HuffPost, Heather was the host and producer for Yahoo Entertainment's first vertical series, You Win, Internet. Not only did Heather decide the daily topic, she wrote and performed the script while overseeing the editing. In addition, Heather produced various other entertainment news segments for Yahoo, including award show coverage and celebrity interviews, in studio and on the red carpet. She also wrote news daily articles, many of which were featured on the coveted front page of and reached viral numbers. Heather also earned the top viewed video on all of Yahoo Entertainment for 2018. 

Previously, Heather served as the lead host with the loudest opinion at Hollyscoop, where she wrote, produced and hosted her own entertainment news segments. Her videos were frequently featured on AOL, The HuffPost, USA Today, Direct TV and many more sites reaching 30 million monthly hits. As the executive producer, Heather also created several online series for Hollyscoop including Just Sayin' and The Daily Rewind. Heather went from the sole host at Hollyscoop to casting and training a team of unique hosts who were encouraged to share their opinions in every story. The audience grew to love Heather's "tell it like it is" approach to entertainment news.  


After the 2016 election, Heather saw a need for a platform for individuals with differing political beliefs to be able to talk about real-life issues without the hate that often comes with politics. She and her conservative co-host created the Pretty Politics Podcast which focuses on people with opposite viewpoints listening to each other without being mean to one another. Heather and Kayla keep their content relatable to millennial women by cutting out the policy jargon and getting straight into how social issues affect their every day lives - with a good mix of pop culture too.


Before becoming one of the most well respected hosts in Hollywood, Heather's career began in country music at WQHK 105.1 in Fort Wayne, Indiana. She hosted and produced her own radio program moving from nights to the midday slot in less than a year. She pioneered the station's social media content through fan interaction and daily videos. Heather also worked closely with artists out of Nashville, traveling multiple times a year to cover award shows and festivals. Nope, the big city didn't take away Heather's southern roots - she's still an avid country fan! 


Heather received a Bachelors Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the esteemed College of Journalism at the University of Florida. 


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