When Are You Gonna Have Babies?

I've always admired Jennifer Aniston. I mean, what's not to love about the girl? Her hair is a good place to start. But I've also always thought about how gracefully she handled her very public divorce from Brad Pitt, especially how she never tore down the "other woman." I've looked up to the way she pushes aside criticism in her career. I love the way she supports her friends.

Seriously, I don't know how else to say that Jennifer Aniston is my idol. I admire her, yes, but I certainly never thought I'd feel Jennifer Aniston. Yet here I am, aging, married, and childless. Yep. Turns out if we look hard enough, we all have something in common with the people we look up to.

I remember once again applauding the actress last year when she wrote this open letter in the Huffington Post: For The Record. A paparazzo snapped an unflattering photo of Aniston which led many people to assume she was pregnant. She wasn't, and damn, did she respond! That woman was fed up with people butting into her personal life and she so eloquently told everyone to GTFO!

I read that article thinking, "You go girl," never imagining that just a short year later I would be in her shoes. Now, I'm certainly no celebrity - I don't have millions of people interested in my life. I don't have photographers following me all over the world, harassing me every day for a story. But let me tell you, I certainly felt like Aniston over the holidays when my family badgered me about having kids at Christmas dinner. Jenn, I was right there with ya.

Unfortunately, people devaluing our lives as women because we don't have kids isn't a problem that just Jenn and I share, so I decided to make a little video. Just so you know, it's perfectly possible to be a woman, not have children, and be happy. Even if your mother thinks otherwise.

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