My Carrie Bradshaw Moment

Well sadly, I do not have Carrie Bradshaw fashion gene, try as I might. Still, I do remember that moment in my life where I truly thought, yes, I am living my Sex and the City fantasy!

The epiphany came shortly after I got my big break in the industry. After moving cross country to chase my dream, failing miserably and waiting tables for nine months, I finally had the chance to live my dream of becoming an entertainment reporter in Hollywood. Man, it felt good!

Right around that same time I had found myself with a group of girls who would in time become my best friends. We started hanging out on a regular basis outside of work and really getting to know each other.

After one particularly great week at my new job, I met my friends for happy hour at a bar in Hollywood. We ordered pretty much everything on the menu swearing we’d work it off at the gym the next morning. I ordered a Cosmo. As tradition we cheered the upcoming weekend and laughed and ate and complained about everything under the sun, like us girls do.

I look back at that memory as my big Carrie moment. Here I was, in LA, living my dream life. I had the job; I had the girlfriends. Hell, I even had the Sex and the City cocktail of choice all right in front of me! I even remember thinking, Carrie would be so proud…

Now, there are few things Carrie Bradshaw and I don’t agree on - my God, WHY did she keep going back to Mr. Big?! But damn, the girl knew how to be fabulous, and stand up for herself in the corporate world, and party well into her 30's. She also certainly knew how to pick her friends. I’ve watched that show many times over the years thinking, “how cool would it be to live her life?” For a brief glimmer of time, I did, and without the cheating asshole I might add!

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