Adele Supporting Beyonce is SO Empowering

There are so many reasons why the Grammys is my favorite award show. I think the obvious, and perhaps for most people as well, is that I resonate SO F-ING MUCH with music. I always want to see my favorite songs take home that little gramophone trophy. Plus, the fashion - always the fashion.

I felt last night's Grammy Award Show was one of the better shows in recent years. The performances were so special (um, Beyonce…), and the winners were most deserving. But what I can't seem to shake this year that's really got me believing this year's Grammys was so unique, was the amount girl power in that arena. More specifically, women supporting women.

By now, you've probably seen Adele quite literally lose her shit over Beyonce, not entirely a hard thing to do in general - but there she was, on stage holding her Grammy award for Album of the Year and she's in tears over HER favorite artist. (see my coverage on the moment HERE) She wanted to give praise to ANOTHER artist's work, even when it was her moment to shine and take all the glory.

Backstage the singer told such a wonderful story about how from the time she was 11 years old, she was infatuated with Beyonce's work. What a beautiful moment where, in the middle of all her success, Adele stopped to praise another woman - even GIVE her the award! I was moved.

Trust me, I know that women can be catty, jealous, and downright mean at times. I won't even lie and try to tell you that I've been above it this whole time… I haven't. We all have our moments, but let's all take a little tip from Adele and remember that behind our success is another woman who is also working very, very hard - who might also be deserving of some credit.

Here's a little secret for you, and one that took me an awfully long time to learn myself. In fact, I still struggle sometimes with this, but here it is: There's plenty of room at the top. I mean, there's only one Grammy for Album of the Year, but in Adele's willingness to share the spotlight we're talking about TWO amazingly talented women instead of just one. Imagine if all us women were that supportive of our peers. Just think of the power we'd have! I was inspired by Adele supporting Beyonce, better yet I was empowered by her words! We could all use a little more support, don't you think?

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