Fabletics Review- Worth The Money?

Ok, so not gonna lie, I was SOOOO excited to review Fabletics! The new year has arrived and if you're like me you're really motivated to get back in shape. If you're also like me, you gained three pounds over the holidays. Ok, fine! I gained EIGHTpounds over the holidays... BAH! See why I'm so motivated?

Moving on...

You guys know I am A) a sucker for anything celebrity inspired and B) always looking for a good deal. I've seen Kate Hudson's Fabletics brand for years now and I've always thought it was just so cute, however, I never pulled the trigger on trying it out because I wasn't keen on the $50 monthly subscription. Well, I needed a few new things and I was literally BOMBARDED with advertisements for the brand - like seriously, did Kate know I ate too many cookies, or what?

The deal was actually pretty sweet! Sign up for Fabletics and get an outfit (bottoms and top) for $10. I couldn't pass it up. So I chose the Duran set, which came with a graphic pair of leggings and an open back t-shirt. Like I said, a pretty sweet deal considering the original price for both pieces is $50 normally. I'm all about saving my monies - but you knew that.

Shipping was slooow! My order took nearly two full weeks to get my order - and I had to pay $5.95 for shipping. Not a huge deal, but if I'm paying, I want it faster than two weeks! As for the quality, I was impressed. The shirt was pretty standard but the leggings were thick and stretched very well, a must for working out.

I purchased a small for the top - this gal has no boobs - and a medium for the leggings. I'm generally a small in athletic clothing all around, every single pair I own is a small, but I figured I might want the pants a little loose to accommodate that extra poundage. Let me tell you: SIZE UP! These pants were TIGHT. There's no way I would have been able to squeezed my ass in small, eight pounds or not.

Final thoughts:

Really, the only gripe I have with Fabletics is the price. Now, I got a great deal, but honestly, I would have been highly disappointed if I had paid full price. Like I stated before, Fabletic's model is a monthly subscription. You pay $50 a month to get access to the clothing. (It's important to note that nearly half the site is well over $50 per outfit.) Though I only paid $5 per piece, the original price tags were attached. I'm sorry, but I would NOT have paid $65 for these pants - not when I can a pair of Nikes leggings for the same, if not less at a discount store like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. The top was also pretty steep in price - it was $35. I got the softest long sleeve athletic top from Victoria Secret for Christmas that was also $35. I never wanted to take that shirt off it was so comfy! The Fabletics top was just average.

I'm gonna go ahead and cancel my subscription now and stick to other less expensive brands. If you're looking for some cute athletic clothing to help motivate you to hit the gym this new year, I highly suggest checking out Old Navy or even JC Penney. I have the such cute items from both places that are just as cute as the Fabletics brand, but for at least half the price.

Side note* How AMAZING is the locale of these pics?? The hubby and I drove up to Solstice Canyon in Malibu to take advantage of the 70 degree January weather. It's ok to be jealous... The hike is a little more than 4 miles but totally worth it with the amazing coastal view! Hiking is one of our favorite weekend activities - and a cheap one too!

Pro money saving tip for hiking: A couple times a year I replace my workout shoes. I always keep the old pair for hiking, however. It keeps my newest pair clean and in tip top shape for the gym and I can stretch the life out of the older pair without having to buy new ones. As soon I as I get a new pair for the gym, I just throw away my oldest shoes and start using my previous gym shoes for hikes. I've been doing this cycle for years and it works great! The hubs has even started doing the same thing!

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