New Year – Not So New Start

Happy New Year!! You've heard that little tagline all week, haven't you? Even the cashier at the grocery store muttered it to me, and about 3 days too late I might add. I've been seeing it all over my social media feeds too - and it seems nice, right? "Happy New Year" sounds a lot like "Happy New Start."

Now there's a thought: a reset button on life. A new year so how about a new outlook, a new body, a new hairstyle, a new plan, a new... whatever to go with it. Admittedly, I follow a TON of wonderfully successful people, so naturally my feed is bombarded with beautiful photos of notebooks next to pretty lattes and this tagline, or something similar: "Planning how to kick ass in 2017."

Me? Well, I worked out today for the first time in a month then ate yesterdays takeout fried rice from the Chinese carton. Definitely not the anything close to the cute Instagram photos I've been seeing all over. I'd say I'm a bit behind on the whole kick ass in 2017 plan.

Truth is, I'm usually excited about new years, new experiences, new adventures - but this year: Meh, I'm drawing a blank. Everyone's all, "Yay! New year," and I'm over here still trying to get my footing from last year. 2016 was rough, y'all. It's going to take more than the clock striking midnight and a glass (or seven) of champagne for me to reset.

I am however trying for self improvement in 2017. I may have failed with the whole eating healthy thing today, but I DID meal prep an entire week's worth of smoothies for breakfast. I also made a kale salad for lunch tomorrow - although my track record shows the greens will stay in the fridge at work for a week while I order Mexican - but hey, it's something! I took advantage of a few after Christmas sales and have some cute new outfits to debut on set, so that's new. Loren and I also drunkenly decided we are going to Europe this year and I think despite two bottles of wine that plan is sticking.

So yeah, I'm not jumping for joy like normal, but that's okay. I'll get there; we'll all get there. I've been feeling bad for not having this master 2017 all week like everyone else seems to, but that's dumb. My holiday sugar is wearing off (hopefully the 6 pounds I gained will go with it) and I'll get back to kicking ass! Just give me a month!

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