I Remembered Why I Chose Entertainment News

My alarm went off at 4:45 this morning, like it does every weekday morning. Today however, I woke up angry. I woke up hurt. I woke up with a sinking feeling in my stomach as learned the news of what happened in Dallas.

Truth is, I went to bed feeling uneasy too. Reports of the shooting were just starting to trickle in as I was winding down for the night. Plus, I was already upset about the week’s previous shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota.

All over my Facebook feed people were sad, even heartbroken by the events. Then came the arguing, throwing out all kinds of blame in every which direction. Everyone seemed to have all the answers and yet no answers at all. I myself grew angry and jumped in.

I drove to work, still angry. The Pop 40 radio station I was listening to touched the surface of the event, but i suppose they didn’t want to alienate listeners by really diving in.

I turned on my computer, still angry. I didn’t really feel like doing my job today reporting on the latest Kardashian drama when the whole world seemed to be filled with serious drama of it’s own. But, you know, gotta pay the bills.

And then I remembered the reason that so many years ago I decided to go into entertainment news in the first place: to escape.

I have to defend my career choice more often than I’d like. Listen, I’ll be the first to admit that Taylor Swift’s latest romance is highly unimportant in the world when compared to black men being shot in the street. I’m with you! Yet today, for just a few minutes in the middle of all my anger, I laughed at funny tweets Kristen Bell wrote about Donald Trump; I rolled my eyes at the idea of Kylie Jenner marrying Tyga (come on girl, you’re better than that); I nodded in agreement realizing that Chrissy Teigen wears Spanx, I know the feeling!

I have loved entertainment news my entire life because it was always a place to forget about my problems, and the world’s problems for just a few minutes. The tabloids let me escape my reality and delve into someone else’s.

I actually started out doing hard news, and quickly decided that career wasn’t for me. I needed to smile in my job. I needed to laugh and be sarcastic. I was downright miserable reporting on murders and injustice day in and day out. I commend those reporters who are not only amazing at their jobs, but can handle all the real life stuff, because I couldn’t.

I get it. I really do. Entertainment news is completely pointless - except when it isn’t. I’ll always defend that it has a purpose in people’s lives. If reading about the latest Justin Bieber fall can make someone smile for a second, then my job has some purpose. Today, I loved my job because I remembered why I chose my job.

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